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River Redevelopment, LLC (RIVREDEV) is a private commercial land development company established in 1997. RIVREDEV is involved with the acquisition, development, and operation of commercial property in secure downtown areas in the nation???s most popular western cities. RIVREDEV derives its name from the fact that many of the nation???s most prominent western communities were historically established along river areas. The downtown river areas of many of these communities were established over 130 years ago and occur at the City???s center where real estate prices are more stable and development is needed. As commercial real estate values in the outer limits of cities and towns continue to suffer declines and foreclosures in the coming years, it is the premise of RIVREDEV that historic downtown areas will be sheltered due to the fact that the properties are more mature, many of the properties are fully-owned, and there is a stronger sense of pride in the community regarding these areas. We believe the future is in the heart of our communities, namely downtown historic river districts. RIVREDEV seeks to invest in these areas in the coming years and we encourage you to invest with us.

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